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Hearing aid dispensing is possible in California with one of two types of accreditation. Hearing Aid Dealers are only required to have a high school diploma and be licensed by the State of California. Audiologists have completed a college degree with a minimum of two years of training dedicated to hearing testing, hearing aid fitting, and rehabilitation of communication difficulties with hearing devices. Many audiologists have also received further training such as a Doctor of Audiology degree (an “Aud. degree”), usually consisting of an additional two years of postgraduate training. Both Audiology and Doctor of Audiology degrees require accreditation with their own unique specialized examinations and licensure requirements.

At the Hearing Device Center, all providers are either Audiologists or Doctor of Audiology degree recipients. In addition, the Hearing Device Center couples medical evaluation by Physicians and Surgeons who have completed both an ENT Residency and further specialized training. Two year Fellowships in Otology / Neurotology involve focused study on disorders of hearing and balance with a total of 7 years after Medical School is completed. In many conditions (as simple as wax removal by the MD or as complex as investigation for a brain tumor causing hearing loss), medical expertise is necessary to improve, stabilize, or evaluate hearing impairment. We believe team treatment involving both specialists provides the best care available.

In California, a significant percentage of hearing aids are fit in free-standing practices staffed by Hearing Aid Dealers without Audiology or Medical services. Only a very small percentage of practices couple Medical Doctors and Doctors of Audiology in an integrated treatment approach to hearing impairment. Hearing Device Center offers what we believe to be the ultimate facility to purchase your hearing instrument.

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