Hearing Device Option - Oticon Agil

Better Understanding. More Energy.

Oticon Agil is the new premium family of high performance hearing solutions from Oticon. With revolutionary signal processing and second generation wireless features, Agil users will get the best hearing experience today's technology can deliver.

Featuring 3 breakthrough audiological concepts:

  • Spatial Sound 2.0 builds on Oticon's unique spatial sound system by adding a binaural noise management system.
  • Speech Guard automatically adjusts gain level in changing environments without the speech distortions of traditional compression systems.
  • Connect [+] delivers a richer, more natural listening experience when streaming sound through ConnectLine™.

The new technologies found in Agil are possible due to the new RISE 2 platform. RISE 2 offers the following signal processing advantages:

  • Extreme processing speed
  • Twice the calculating power of RISE
  • No increase in current consumption
  • 2nd Generation wireless
  • Smaller size for smaller instruments

Agil's breakthrough technologies preserve signal fidelity to better comply with the natural process of speech understanding. Preserving signal fidelity is essential to developing better speech understanding. Agil gives the brain access to the information it needs toorganize the world of sound, select the sound stream that is of interest andfollow this sound.

Oticon Agil is available in 2 performance levels: Agil Pro and Agil

Agil Pro

Spatial Sound 2.0 with:

  • Binaural Compression
  • Binaural Noise Management

Speech Guard

  • Connect [+] with
    • Power Bass
    • Music Widening


Speech Guard
Connect [+] with:

  • Power Bass
  • Music Widening

Oticon Agil miniRITE solidifies Oticon's leadership in RITE solutions with a new organic form that fits elegantly behind any ear with 3 RITE receiver power options in 5 sizes.




Oticon Agil provides better speech understanding with less effort by protecting the natural spatial and speech cues that are embedded in any sound scene. Because we hear with our brain, Agil's priority in all amplification and signal processing is to keep sound as natural and uncorrupted as possible.

The brain is wired to absorb all of the sensory information around us and to organize it into meaningful percepts. It untangles and separates different sound sources - such as one voice from another; sounds coming from the kitchen versus sounds coming from the TV in the next room, etc. The more accurately and naturally the information can be presented, the easier it becomes for the brain to create order out of the apparent acoustic chaos of a soundscape.

The higher the signal fidelity the more relevant the information becomes, allowing the brain to organize, select and follow a particular sound source, such as a conversation in a noisy restaurant. People with hearing loss must concentrate and work hard just to keep up in these situations.

If the signal is distorted, unclear, inaudible or degraded, the listener will be forced to spend more energy on resolving ambiguities in an already difficult listening situation. By providing the listener more natural and complete information they can concentrate on following and participating in the conversation. This gives them more energy to actively participate in conversations during the day.


Oticon Agil is designed to support the brain's natural process of understanding speech by keeping things natural and preserving a richer sound picture and the natural dynamics of a specific speaker.

It's not just about audibility; it's about creating order out of acoustic chaos.

The brain's natural 3-step process of understanding speech

Organize, Select, Follow

The Brain's Natural 3-Step Process of Understanding Speech


When entering a complex environment with many sound sources, the brain automatically tries to separate them. The auditory system organizes the bits of information to prepare the listener to focus on what's interesting and set competing noise aside.


The listener can then select the sound stream of interest and focus attention on it. The strength of the auditory system is the brain's ability to continuously discriminate between sound sources. Oticon Agil keeps things natural, preserving a richer sound picture and the natural dynamics of sound.


The brain can keep up with the speaker because it is primed to understand speech. The auditory system instinctively tunes into the voice's individual characteristics such as level changes and stress patterns. The better the dynamics of the signal are preserved, the easier it will be for the listener to understand speech.


Spatial Sound 2.0 organizes the sound environment and maximizes intelligibility.

The Binaural Compression System in Agil helps preserve loudness differences between ears. These tiny differences are extremely important for the brain to navigate in a room full of sound.

A new Binaural Noise Management System in Agil mimics the brain's natural ability to focus on where to listen. It prioritizes the ear with the better signal when there is loud noise to one side. It can then apply more noise reduction to the instrument on the noisy side. This frees the wearer to better focus on a specific speaker.

Spatial Sound 2.0
Spatial Sound 2.0 in Agil preserves spatial cues and supports the process of organizing various sounds sources as illustrated in this coffee shop.

The coffee machine to the listener's left is producing excessive noise as compared to the child's voice. The wireless Binaural Noise Management system detects the dramatic change in the SNR between the ears.

Binaural Noise Management
The Binaural Noise Management System in Spatial Sound 2.0 attenuates the noise signal on the left ear and adds gain to the right to enhance the speech signal.


BTE Color Options

Diamond Black, Steel Grey, Silver Grey, Silver, Chroma Beige, Terracotta, Chestnut Brown, Samoa Blue (available in miniRITE only)

miniRITE and Standard RITE may be fit with any of the 3 interchangeable speaker power options:

Speaker Units are available in 5 lengths

Dome/Mold Options for RITE Styles

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